Open Bible Study


The Mountain View church of Christ invites you to attend our open Bible studies on Wednesday nights. Our in depth Bibles Classes are available for all ages. Come grow with us as we learn more about the Word of God. Everyone is welcomed at our church. It is a joy and a blessing to grow in the knowledge of God's Word as we grow in the fullness and stature of Christ. Everyone is important to God and His church. We want to help every member of our church family to reach his or her fullest potential in life.

Our Minister is available after hours and willing to study the Bible with you and your family at your home or at our church building. We also provide Bible correspondence courses through World Bible School and World Video Bible School. If you are interested in our Bible correspondence courses please let us know. You may call our church office at 650-967-8498.

Come and join us this week for Bible study and worship. We look forward to becoming your friend and having you as a member of our church family. To God be the glory!

Always know that God is within your reach!

Mountain View church of Christ

  • 1818 Miramonte Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94040
  • 650-967-8498